Rejection Leads to Redirection

Rejection Leads to Redirection

Recently, I submitted a proposal for an HR consulting project. I had two meetings about the project and was asked to submit a proposal. Things seemed promising. Then the wait. And wait—finally, the rejection. The opportunity was withdrawn via email. The sting of the rejection hurt deeply; it was felt personal. A range of emotions swirled in my head as the feelings of brokenness, defeat, and questioning myself and my abilities enveloped me. The question, “Am I good enough?” popped up as I kept telling myself “That wasn’t the project for me. God has something greater in store for me.” I said those words but didn’t believe them in my heart. At that moment, that experience became the segue to redirection.

Benefits and Takeaways of Redirection:

  • Lead you on a path that you may not otherwise travel.

Early in my HR career, several leaders at the company I worked for encouraged me to apply for a promotional opportunity. I applied but was rejected because I lacked the education and experience. That rejection hurt because it made me question my worth. Determined that I would never be denied an opportunity because I did not have the education and experience, I returned to school full-time, gained relevant experience working part-time, and obtained my degree.  Had I not been rejected, I would not have decided to go back to school to get my degree, which opened doors to greater career opportunities.

  • Re-examine and reinvent yourself and prepare for self-improvement.

A simple yet thought-provoking question to ask yourself is, “Is my attitude limiting my altitude?” Am I allowing the thoughts and perspectives of others to stifle my ability to soar?  

  • PUSH – “Peek Up See Heaven.” Prayer helps us see things from a different perspective which gives us clarity.

“Rejection leads to redirection” is a motivational and positive perspective on facing rejection or setbacks in life. It embodies a growth mindset and encourages individuals to embrace rejection as a catalyst that develops our resilience, creativity, and positive outlook as we are being redirected toward new possibilities, opportunities, and paths.

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Here’s a breakdown of the concept:

  • Rejection as a Learning Experience:
    • Rather than viewing rejection as a failure, this perspective encourages seeing it as a valuable learning experience.
    • Rejection provides an opportunity for self-reflection and understanding what aspects need improvement or adjustment.
  • New Opportunities and Paths:
    • The idea is that when one door closes (due to rejection), another door opens.
    • Rejection may redirect individuals toward new opportunities, paths, or endeavors they hadn’t considered before.
  • Personal Growth and Resilience:
    • Embracing rejection and using it as a redirection tool contributes to personal growth and resilience.
    • It fosters the development of resilience, adaptability, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Discovery of Hidden Potential:
    • Rejection can lead individuals to discover hidden talents, passions, or strengths they were unaware of.
    • Exploring new directions may reveal untapped potential and possibilities.
  • Shift in Perspective:
    • The phrase encourages a positive shift in perspective from viewing rejection as a roadblock to seeing it as a detour leading to new and unforeseen destinations.
    • It emphasizes the importance of maintaining an optimistic outlook.
  • Opportunity for Reinvention:
    • Rejection provides an opportunity for reinvention and personal or professional realignment.
    • It allows individuals to reassess their goals, values, and priorities.
  • Embracing Change:
    • Rejection often forces individuals out of their comfort zones.
    • Embracing change and being open to redirection can lead to unexpected and fulfilling experiences.
  • Persistence and Tenacity:
    • The concept promotes persistence and tenacity in the face of setbacks.
    • Instead of giving up, individuals are encouraged to redirect their efforts and energies toward new endeavors.