HR Consulting Coach - Cheryl Rhodes Alexander, CTC, CPC, CTSS | HR Consultant, Certified Transformational Life Coach

Why HR Is Essential for Your Business?

Would you consider building a house, without a blueprint for the builders to follow? Probably not.

Why would you consider building a business (YOUR business) without a blueprint that mitigates risks and liability for the owners, managers, and employees? Sadly, many small and mid-size business owners and leaders fail to calculate the real cost of doing business until faced with a lawsuit or fine as the result of an employment or labor law violation, illegal conduct, or a poor management decision to terminate an employee without proper cause.

Let’s connect and discuss how to build the right foundation for your business.

Professional Summary

Cheryl is a strategic human resources consultant with a three-decade career in human resources and an educational background in counseling and psychology. With expertise in strategic development, human capital management, risk mitigation, and compliance, she can help you strengthen your business. Our services can help you solve workplace challenges, minimize risk and liability, and grow your organization sustainably and profitably.

Cheryl has a Master of Arts degree in Career Counseling and College Student Services from Saint Mary's College of California. Her undergraduate degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology is from San Francisco State University. She is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the Greater Phoenix Chapter (SHRMGP). She is also a Certified Transformational Coach (CTC), Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS).

Cheryl Rhodes Alexander, CTC, CPC, CTSS

How We Can Help Your Business

Lyfe Dsign™ provides HR consulting services, including leadership coaching and strategic consultation guidance to small- and medium-sized businesses with limited access to human resource support and services.

We work with clients who wish to implement sustainable change within their business and workgroups to:

  • Solve Workplace Challenges
  • Minimize Risks and Liability
  • Grow and Sustain Profitability

We equip leaders with tools and skills to strategically and effectively:

  • Identify talent and skills needed and how to manage talent.
  • Train and develop talent to become investors in the organization's success.
  • Align employment practices with organizational values and legal requirements.
  • Mitigate risks and liability to protect the business, grow and sustain profitability.
Cheryl Rhodes Alexander, CTC, CPC, CTSS

What We Bring to Businesses...

  • 30+ years of public and private sector human resources experience and expertise in strategic development, human capital management, risk mitigation, and compliance.

  • Ability to build trusting relationships and highly effective strategic collaborations with key stakeholders to identify and develop strategies that help businesses succeed.

  • Extensive educational background Educational background in Counseling and Psychology.

  • Member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Greater Phoenix Chapter (SHRMGP)