Bathroom Meditation: A Stress-Regulating Strategy

You’re in a stressful meeting and feel your heartbeat racing. How can you remain calm, return your heartbeat to its natural rhythm, and center yourself? Bathroom meditation.

We naturally take bio breaks throughout our day. So, why not take a mental health moment to center ourselves? Give yourself a bathroom meditation moment at the office, and yes, at home, on vacation, and anywhere, anytime. So, how does this work exactly? It’s as simple as excusing yourself to the privacy of the bathroom.

Sit down on a toilet or stand in the stall and breathe. Take 3-4 deep breaths from the belly, slowly exhaling after each inhalation. After each exhalation, speak life to yourself. For example, “I am valuable” and “I am great at my job.” After the last exhalation, hug yourself and say, “I am loved” and “I love myself.”

I remember a time I was in a meeting, and a new manager spoke harshly to me. I could feel my body tense and the water welling in my eyes. I was not going to let him see me cry. What did I do? I politely excused myself for a bathroom meditation moment. In that bathroom meditation moment, I could privately plug into my spiritual power source, release my emotions, and reflect on how the experience made me feel so I could return to meeting. The dynamics of the meeting shifted because of how I showed up upon my return – empowered and confident in myself. With subtle shifts like this, my relationship with my manager improved.

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