Gift Baskets

Baskets of Faith

Our products are designed to touch the hearts and elevate the spirits of those who receive them, contributing positively to those around us. By choosing our thoughtfully assembled products, you're supporting a cycle of continuous giving and connection.

Signature Prayer Kit $85

Our prayer kits offer hope and encouragement to others in need. Each kit contains a Holy Bible, scented candle, organic anointing oil, journal, blank prayer petition cards, wooden pocket cross, and themed scripture and song scrolls. Kit can be packaged as a prayer box.

  • Salvation – Silver
  • Grace – Gold
  • Redemption – Red
  • Royalty – Purple
  • Purity – White
  • Healing – Blue
  • Deliverance – Orange
  • New Beginnings – Green

Relax Tea Time Basket $125

Your loved one or significant other would love to receive this gift as an aid in their time to relax.

  • Glass Tea Maker and Linen Napkin
  • Flavored Tea and Honey Stick
  • Tea Biscuits or Shortbread
  • Journal
  • Bath Bomb and Scented Soap Bar
  • Scented Candle
  • Foot Pumice Stone

Basket contents may vary.

Baby Gift Basket $85

Assortment of baby items (10-12) for both boys and girls.

    • Baby’s Cross and Bible
    • Picture Frame
    • 1st Haircut/1st Tooth Holders
    • Baby Hangers
    • Starter Diapers and Wipes
    • Diaper Ointment
    • Pacifier
    • Medicine Dropper/Spoon
    • Baby Safety – cabinet locks, plug covers

Basket contents may vary.


Deluxe Spa Basket $200

Give the gift of a relaxing time alone in the bath.

  • Ceramic Coffee Mug and Coaster
  • Organic Anointing Oil
  • Bath Bombs
  • Aromatherapy Mineral Bath Salts
  • Organic Scrub Salts and Gel Body Wash
  • Journal
  • Book Of Devotions

Basket contents may vary.

Spa Set Gift Box

Gift Box Spa (Women)

This is a popular small gift box for women to show kindness and thoughfulness.


Man of Integrity

We have a specialty box just for men as well to pamper the gentleman in your life.


Exercise Your Faith

For the workout and health enthusiast, we have a specialty gift box that will make them smile for sure.

Valentine Spa Basket - 2021

Valentine Love

Send love and kisses to your special someone.

Sister Friends Spa


Show your appreciation for that special friend.

Blessed Woman in Pink

Woman of Faith

Experience peace as you soak and replenish your mind, body and spirit.

Spa Time for Men

Gift Box Spa (Men)

A great gift idea for the man who appreciates spa time.

Love Notes MrMrs

Love Note Gift Basket

Keep love's flames burning with a note of love.

Royalty Prayer Box

Prayer Box

Build and enhance your prayer life and relationship with the Divine Source with tools that support your spiritual well-being.