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Meet Cheryl Rhodes Alexander

Cheryl is a compassionate and visionary woman who is deeply committed to helping people on a granular level. With over 30 years of experience in human resources, as well as an educational background in counseling and psychology, she has expertise as a servant leader, mentor, resource connector, speaker, or community volunteer to serve others.

Cheryl’s resilient spirit helped prepare her for a transformative journey in 2019. A journey of self-discovery, breakthroughs, soul-searching, physical, spiritual, and relational healing, and forgiveness. Today, she embraces who she was created to be and her gift of helping others live life healed.”

Cheryl is a Certified Transformational Life Coach with a Masters' degree in Career/College Student Services Counseling from Saint Mary’s College of California. She also has a bachelor’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from San Francisco State University. She is also the creator of “Baskets of Faith, a gift curation business.

More Interesting Facts About Your Coach

  • Community volunteer and advocate for women and youth.

  • Founder of a non-profit organization that serve the needs of youth and young adults.