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Meet Your Coach & Gifting Creator

Cheryl has a passion for seeing people live a life they are designed to live by our loving God.  She has over 10+ years of leadership, coaching, and mentoring experience, is a Certified Professional Coach, and holds a masters' degree in Career and College Student Services Counseling from Saint Mary’s College of California. She is also the founder and creator of "Baskets of Faith" gift design services.

Spiritual Gifting - More about Baskets of Faith

Baskets of Faith was birthed while I was recovering from major surgery in 2019.  God downloaded the concept for a prayer kit - a journal, a Bible, a pocket cross, a candle, and special anointing oil. Each prayer kit has a specific theme and color with biblical meaning to help build and support the individual's spiritual well-being and transformative experience. The purpose of the prayer kits is to offer hope and encouragement to others in need.

In addition to the prayer kits, we create uniquely elegant gift baskets and gift boxes. Our creations are designed with both the giver and receiver in mind and is a visual expression of this relationship. We search all over the world and work primarily with women and minority-owned small businesses to find special and unique gift items for our baskets and boxes. Each gift is hand assembled by the artisan designer.

More Interesting Facts About Your Coach

  • Retired Human Resources and Risk Manager (32 years HR experience; 21 years in management)

  • Volunteer career counselor with local non-profit organizations and women’s shelter

  • Founder of a non-profit organization that serve the needs of youth and young adults.