Cheryl Rhodes Alexander

Hi! I'm Cheryl. Your Certified Transformational Life Coach and HR Expert.

Life Coaching: At times, we all face challenges that leave us feeling stuck and in need of help to move forward.  We show you how to build the tools and skills to help navigate the seasons and cycles of life.

HR Consulting: Whether you are just starting your business or have been in business for a while, we offer the human resources expertise you need to build, grow, and sustain your business.

We invest in each client and strategize a plan to help you succeed.


Business Consulting & Coaching

We offer strategic guidance and support to help you and your team solve workplace challenges, mitigate risks, and grow your business. We believe that these are essential steps towards achieving success and profitability. Let’s begin today.


Personal Coaching

We understand that life can be tough. Whether it’s related to your personal, professional, spiritual, emotional, financial, or physical well-being, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let’s get started today.


Spiritual Gifting

We create more than gifts; we open pathways to spiritual enrichment. Each of our gift baskets and prayer kits is crafted to uplift and inspire, serving as a bridge to deeper spiritual growth and experiences. Let us create a pathway for you.

We are Designed to Have the Life We Desire to Live.

You and I have the ability and capacity to dream about the life we desire to live. But what happens when our dreams get derailed or delayed? Is it possible to dream again? How do we begin to reinvigorate our lives with new dreams that stir our souls and hearts with a joyfulness to live life with purpose and passion?


Are you ready to be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to reach for excellence?

One Commit to Yourself
Commit to Yourself

The first step is to always check yourself first to make sure you are up for the work.

Two Have Compassion
Have Compassion

Give yourself grace for the journey.  What has happened is in the past and we are living forward.

Three Grow Forward
Grow Forward

Lean into what your life design says you will have and deserve from our loving Creator above.
Peace, Joy, and Love awaits you.

Grace, spirituality, and self-awareness awaits you.

Client Experiences

Working with Cheryl on a personal vision statement felt like a balm for the soul.  She helped me dig deep into my consciousness and articulate thoughts and emotions I was not sure I had.  Then she incorporated the information into an empowering vision statement that resonated with me at all levels.  I will use the vision statement every day as my mantra and positive affirmation.  


Cheryl created a highly interactive and safe place for me to share personal information and details about my life. She posed thought provoking questions that made it comforting to open up and learn how to unpack my thoughts and widen my perspective to consider different things. Most assuredly, working with Cheryl was reflective and introspective. This work has allowed me to put valid feelings in proper perspective and realign feelings, thoughts, and values as I go through this daily walk.

J. I.

One of life`s curve balls was sent my way and Cheryl helped me get on track with my life journey. I gained so much from her; it was and is so valuable.  When curve balls come, I can dodge them effectively with the tools and steps she taught me. As I applied them to my everyday life, I was able to see that positive things were happening. I was able to elevate professionally and personally. Her light is bright and one that stays with you. Her compassion for others is genuine and natural. She’s a professional people person with a passion expressed by her thorough work. Her vast knowledge gives her the ability to be creative and tailor her coaching to the individual.

C. M.

Cheryl is a beautiful example of giving to others. She encourages, inspires, and helps guide others to their right path, to be authentic as they walk in their purpose.

L. W.

Shepherd’s Gate is so grateful for our partnership with Cheryl Rhodes Alexander. She has been and continues to be such a huge blessing to our ministry, by providing our graduates with the “Royalty Prayer Basket.” The Prayer Basket is filled with a beautiful purple Bible, a scroll, a worship music list, and anointing oil. The basket is well thought of and full of love. Our graduates have definitely felt super blessed and thankful to know, Cheryl takes her time to put her heart and soul in gifting them such an eternal gift. A gift filled with items they will continue to use through their journey here and away from Shepherd’s Gate. Cheryl, we are thankful for you, and we pray for God’s blessings over you and your ministry. God bless you!

Shepherd's Gate